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Frequent attacks of charlie horses and leg pain had taken control of my body, sapping my energy to the point where I could do little but sit at the computer playing solitaire.

At my wit's end, I happened upon your website, and lucky for me I did.  I followed your advice and got results right away.  I can hardly believe it, but my leg cramps and leg pain are gone!  And "good riddance."

I'd been suffering for years, and I'm so appreciative that you found the answer to this maddening malady.  At last, I'm getting a good night's sleep and have the energy to do things that I couldn't do before.
                                                                     Lisa S.
                                                                     Fairfax, VA

I used to suffer from painful leg cramps, charlie horses, and anguishing leg pain, so I know how aggravating and tormenting they can be.  

These terrible afflictions can make you a prisoner of chronic pain.  And even worse, they can awaken you from a peaceful sleep with leg cramps and charlie horses that are excruciating and agonizing.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be free of them forever?


Well, now you can!


As you'll soon see, there's a cure for Leg Cramps and Leg Pain.  I found
the cure for Leg Cramps and Leg Pain after suffering with them for over
10 years.  It was torture
No one should have to suffer the living hell of constant Leg Cramps—NO ONE!  That's why I decided to create this websiteto help cure others who suffer from this distressing illness. 
I've cured thousands, and I'll cure you.  I promise.

When a leg cramp strikes, there’s no escaping it. It takes over your mind and dominates your entire being. And the worse part is, you never know when a leg cramp will strike. You’re always on alert, knowing one can victimize you at any moment. Well, that's about to become a thing of the past, because this website will free you from the misery of leg and foot cramps forever. And at the same time, it'll cure you from chronic awareness of aching legs, leg pain, and leg muscle soreness.


The night I found your website I was at the end of my rope and went searching the internet after being awakened 3 nights in a row with painful leg cramps. I had already tried everything I ever heard of to stop having these cramps, but nothing ever seemed to work. The doctor had advised muscle relaxers, but my friend told me that these are like narcotics and you become addicted, so that's something I'd only do as a last resort.

When I read your email information about why people get leg cramps, I must admit that I was quite surprised, but at the same time, it did make a lot of sense. So I put it to the test and it worked great. Finally, I get a good night's sleep without being abruptly awakened by those dreaded cramps. How can I ever thank you enough. Your advice was priceless to say the least.

  Barbara D.  

Columbia, SC


You found my ad at the top of thousands of search engine “results.” Advertising at the top is very expensive, so I have to charge a fee for my cure.  But it's a small fee, comparable to a co-pay at the doctor.  However, unlike a visit to the doctor, which often gets you nowhere, my safe, sensible cure will absolutely END YOUR LEG CRAMPS FOREVER.

As mentioned, my cure has cured thousands, and it will cure you.  And you're protected by a full moneyback guarantee, as you'll see below.

Please, may I say again: Advertising—to reach you—is costly.  But if I didn't advertise, you never would have found this miraculous cure that's guaranteed to free you from leg cramps and aching legs FOREVER.

I have written an easy-to-read eBook report.  Without the information in my eBook report, you could spend countless hours searching the internet and never find the exclusive secret I'll reveal to you. 

And without knowing my miracle cure, you'll spend lots and lots of money on ineffective remedies that don't give you the results you want. 

My miracle cure is your cheapest and healthiest option.  It takes you directly to the answer.  No hassling with tedious internet searches
that only lead to an
flood of confusing, often contradictory, advice.

I have researched and studied the nutritional causes of illness for decades.  And with this life-long research and study, and the unique insights I've gained, I was finally able to solve the riddle of leg cramps and aching legs. And when you see the facts in my easy-to-read eBook report, you'll agree that it makes complete, logical sense.

Trust me. You'll always be grateful that you learned the true cause of leg cramps and aching legs and how to be rid of them.  I get emails regularly from people thanking me from the bottom of their heart that they found this life-changing information.

If you had a crystal ball and could see into the future, you'd realize that passing up this eBook report would be one of the biggest mistakes of your life.  But instead, by taking action now to get this report, you'll be free of
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So do yourself a gigantic favor and make a positive investment in your life-long health by getting this easy-to-read eBook report.  Remember, there's no risk because it comes with a full moneyback guarantee.

Just pretend it's New Year's, and make a new start.  Listen to the optimist inside you that wants to keep hope alive, and believe me when I tell you, "You will never regret getting this eBook report."  My picture is on this
web page.  Look at it and ask yourself, "Would this person lie to you?"

What do doctors recommend as a remedy?  Drugs!  Drugs that can be addictive and can have bothersome side effects—like nausea, headaches, insomnia, weight gain, daytime tiredness and fatigue, dizziness, and chronic constipation, among others.  And the truth is, prescription drugs don't get to the root of  the problem —they just mask over your symptoms.  They may help you to cope, minimallybut they don't correct the real cause.  And to top it off, drugs are pricey, depleting your pocketbook
month after month.

Well, here's the GOOD NEWS !

I have made an AMAZING DISCOVERY !!

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How soon will you get results?  Right away As soon as tonight, your foot and leg cramps will stop.  And in just a few short days, you will notice a complete disappearance of troubling leg cramps, aching legs, and leg muscle soreness.  Yes, you can be completely free from the curse of chronic foot and leg cramps in a matter of days and never suffer from them again.  Honest.  Really.  Truly.  No gimmicks.


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Yes, it's true!  Though it may seem hard to believe, I have unquestionably discovered the hidden, biochemical cause THE REAL REASON
leg cramps, and
a drug-free cure that gives permanent relief.

Believe me, I know what you're going through.  I used to suffer from chronic leg muscle soreness, leg cramps, foot cramps, and painful charlie horses, so I can really sympathize with the distress it brings.  But after I discovered the underlying cause, and corrected it, never again did they awaken me with a jolt of excruciating pain in the middle of the night
(or otherwise interfere with my daytime life).  And I guarantee that my discovery — this breakthrough solution — WILL WORK FOR YOU TOO.


My name is Marie Goodwin, and I have authored an easy-to-read eBook entitled,

    The Cause and Solution to
Leg Cramps
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In itthe CAUSE and SOLUTION 
"the answer" is explained in simple language, because fortunately, there’s a straight-forward, logical explanation for
what causes leg cramps and charlie horses.  
And when you read it, you'll say, "This makes complete, clear-as-day sense."

Yet, I don't want to make it sound too simplistic, for in reality, the
riddle of recurring leg cramps was a difficult, complex problem to solve.  And that's why no one put the pieces of this puzzle together
—until now.

You won’t find this exclusive copyrighted information anywhere else on the Internet.   My eBook spells it out in a way that's easy to understand, telling you exactly what you need to know to put your leg cramps behind you forever.  You'll see the answer in the first few pages.  The rest of the book gives you all the background information you may wish to know.

No need to spend countless hours of your valuable time searching the internet, only to be led down the wrong path with a flood of contradictory and confusing information.   Your search is overyou've now found "the answer."

For you to understand and appreciate the profound worthiness of this breakthrough discovery, you'll need to read it for yourself in the book.
But I can tell you this:

This Cure is Not About . . .

It's not about herbs, or something silly, like bars of soap under the bed sheets.  It's not about acupuncture.  It's not vegetarianism.  It's not calcium or potassium supplements.  It's not magnet therapy.  It's not about soaking in a bath for hours.  It's not about massage or aroma therapy.  And it's not about tiring exercise (breathe a sigh of relief).  And it's not some screwball home remedy that has absolutely no scientific validity whatsoever.  

Nor is it about anything else that will strike you oddly.  In fact, it'll be just the opposite. You'll see immediately that this "makes-perfect-sense" natural solution should have been uncovered long ago.  And you'll have
no hesitation about implementing the book's advice. 
This drug-free miraculous cure has no risks or side effects.  And it will meet with your doctor's approval.

Someone recently emailed me saying that this message sounds too much like a trumped up sales pitch.  Of course I'd like you to get the book, but it's not just to make a sale this message is sincere, and these words of confidence and enthusiasm are only trying to make you see that getting the book will be in your best intereststo conquer your Charlie Horses,
Foot & Leg Cramps, Aching Legs or Leg Pain, and get them out of your life.

This webpage has been on the internet for a while now, and if people were not getting results, or if this were a scam, we would have been driven out of business long ago.  This is an honest-to-God offer for a legitimate solution to your Leg Cramps.  That's why I can offer you a full 60 day money-back guarantee—because it works.

Why Can't I Just Give the Book for Free

I wish I could give you the eBook for free.  I really do.  But the ad that you clicked on to reach me costs money.  Advertising on the internet is costly, but our ad, which you found at the top of the search results, enabled you to go directly to the best possible solution for your problem without having to look through thousands of search results.

Book sales go to pay for these high advertising costs. 

In addition, just as you expect to be paid wages when you work, so too,
an author is entitled to a fair wage.  The e
Book's price of $29.
95 is very reasonable for the numerous months of diligent work that went into writing it, and the many years of insightful thought and research that went into figuring it all out.


Outstanding!  I can't thank you enough for the valuable

information in your interesting book.  My wife says I'm the

world's biggest skeptic and I have to admit that I was really

skeptical when I saw your ad.  But I was sick and tired of


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getting leg cramps 3 - 4 times a week, and the pain and misery of it all.

I had tried a lot of home remedies over the years that people recommended, but nothing worked.  I was feeling pretty hopeless until I saw your no-nonsense approach.
My leg cramps are part of the past now and I can lay down at night confident that I'm not going to get another attack.  This was the best $30 I ever spent.  My sincere thanks goes out to you and your husband for writing up this information for all us sufferers.

  Bill M.  

South Jordan, UT


I know it sounds too good to be true, but I state with certainty:

                I Promise to Cure You of Leg Cramps

And the eBook tells you everything you need to know.  You will not be asked to purchase anything else from us beyond the $29.95 one time fee.

You may have been told by others that there is no cure for Leg Cramps and Charlie Horses.  But that's all changed.  BECAUSE I NOW HAVE THE CURE.  And there's no need for you to suffer anymore.


History has often recorded that one person's astute observations can bring new light to a problem that others could not see a solution to.  Thus it is with Leg Cramps—there is a perfectly logical, sensible explanation for it and the book will spell it out for you exactly, giving you all the whys and wherefores.  And it will do so in a simple language and style you can understand.  Also, and importantly, it will provide you with intelligible scientific evidence that proves beyond a doubt that the book's answer to Leg Cramps and Charlie Horses is completely valid.  You may want to present this scientific material to your doctor after you're cured and no longer need medication he may have prescribed.


Here's a summary of all the benefits you'll receive
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No more frustrating battles with cramps (night or day)


Wake up refreshed every day from a restful night's sleep


Have plenty of energy to enjoy your day 


You'll know the true, actual cause of your cramps


You'll get the exact information you need to end foot
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You'll save money by not paying for expensive doctors' visits, prescriptions drugs, and herbal remedies.
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You'll be freed forever from the anxiety of cramps and
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Never worry again about another sleepless night


You'll get your life back, totally free of nuisance cramps


Easy to follow solution to end foot and leg cramps forever


You get the complete confidence of knowing that
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As stated, the eBook comes with a full, 100% money-back guarantee.  So there is absolutely no risk on your part.  And imagine how happy you'll be when you get the book and find out that it really is the answer to your Leg Cramp problem.  People are writing to me—people who've had Leg Cramps for years—saying their Leg Cramps and Charlie Horses are gone.  Like them, by heeding the book's healing advice, your suffering will be over.  And that will be the end of it.  



I've been suffering with leg cramps all my life.  Thank God I came upon your eBook and the simple solution you provide.  I used to wake up with unbearable pain, screaming from a charlie horse, and my husband would have to rub my leg for a long time before we could both go back to sleep.  But now, thanks to your book, I know I'll sleep through the night and not suffer the shock of waking up in agony.  Bless you for the peace of mind you have given me!

  Carol L.  
  Marshall, MN  



I took a chance and ordered your book, and I'm so happy I did because it's worked like a charm.  I no longer suffer from leg pain and leg cramps.  All my doctor suggested was more exercise and nightly baths.  But even then, I'd often awaken in the morning with painful leg cramps.  Thank goodness for the internet and people like you.
                                                           Vera K.
                                                           Walpole, NH 



I used to suffer from all kinds of cramps—stomach cramps, back muscle cramps, and leg cramps.  Now I feel like a new person and haven't had any cramps in months (I meant to write to you sooner).  I hope that people realize that this is the real deal and that they're not throwing away their money when they get your book.  Thanks a million!
                                                            David P.
                                                            Brookfield, MO

I'm sincerely excited for you because I really do have the answer to misery-causing Leg Cramps, Leg Pain, and agonizing Charlie Horses.

Let Me Ask You A Question?

        What action would you take if you knew for certain that the book's information would cure these problems forever?  You would definitely want the book, right?  After all, what's $29.95 if it can free you from these tormenting problems?

So please, for your own sake and well-being, go on the assumption that
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At $29.95, this tell-all eBook is an incredibly low price to pay for the peace of mind and newfound comfort it will give you.  Finally, you’ll never have to worry about getting another attack of Leg Cramps ever again.  You can lay down at night without fearing that an attack may overtake you.

  Sleep Soundly Every Night and  

Wake-up Refreshed Every Day


Think of this $29.95 (one-time fee) as a house call, where this miraculous cure for Leg Cramps comes right to your house, directly to your computer, to read in the comfort of your home.  (The book will display on your computer screen in a friendly, large-size type that is a pleasure to read.  Or if you prefer, it can be easily printed to paper.  Anyone who can send and receive emails will be able to follow the simple directions for downloading the book.)

Moreover, when you consider the time, money, and effort you've spent over the years trying to resolve this problem, think of it this way:  If the book delivers on its promise to cure your Leg Cramps forever and it definitely will— then it's actually the deal of a lifetime.  Because your search for a solution will be over.

You can solve your Leg Cramp and Leg Pain afflictions NOW.

Once you peruse its easy-to-read pages, and implement its advice, you’ll never have to suffer from Leg Cramps again.  Think how wonderful that would be, and believe it, for this is one wish that's about to come true.

Since you are protected by my personal, money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Don't make the mistake of passing this relief-giving eBook by—exclusive copyrighted information you won't find anywhere else.  Why should you let yourself suffer another day when a safe, curative solution is available to you right now.


In addition to ending your Leg Cramps once and for all,

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hard stools, & wasted time on the toilet

NOTE: If constipation doesn't interest you,

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Constipation is unhealthy for you.  Research studies show that there is an increased risk of colon cancer from constipation.  Fecal matter backed up in the colon is a breeding ground for disease.

But with my constipation cure FREE BONUS, you'll never suffer from constipation again.  I'll reveal to you an amazing secret:  To cure your constipation forever, all you need to do is take a simple, inexpensive nutrient, available at your local drug or health food store.  That's right!  There's a simple nutrient cure for constipation.  The plain truth is, the TRUE CAUSE of constipation is a deficiency
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By taking this safe, inexpensive nutrient, constipation will never darken your life again because you will prevent it from happening
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  Constipation Cured Testimonials

OK...I have to THANK you!!!  After struggling with constipation all my life, I am now free!!  I go at least two times a day with very healthy bowel movements.

Do you know how much money I have spent on fiber products and doctor appointments?  One doctor even told me I may need to have part of my colon removed and have one of those bags installed!  I want to thank you so much for your book!
                                                 Cynthia R / Keene, NH

WOW! I wasn't expecting this to work so great—and so quickly . . . .   After 22 years of trying absolutely everything on the market, I'm now getting fantastic results thanks to your book.  What a revelation! 
 I am EXTREMELY grateful to you!!                                          
                                        Denise D. / Lockport, NY

I have been fighting chronic constipation for the last 5 years and just wish your book had been around back then. Now that I'm having regular bowel movements, I've stopped taking the stool softener, bran, and Phillips Milk of Magnesia that I'd been taking previously.  When I first came across your ad, I was apprehensive about spending $30 for something unseen, but I'm so glad I did.  Thank you for helping to remove the biggest annoyance in my life, as well as making me feel better in general.

                                     Anthony D. / Essex Junction, VT

I bought your book for my sister in the Bahamas because she has a history of a colon that would not work without taking some form of laxative and psyllium.  She called me all excited a week after reading it because she's now having normal bowel movements every day.  Praise the Lord!!  She had been taking psyllium and bentonite for years.  She said that all the old psyllium that was inside her came out (this apparently was contributing to her constipation).  We can never thank you enough.

                                                Tammy  S. / Ambler, PA

I would like to let you know how appreciative I am for you helping me, and others like me, who've been struggling with this horrendous condition known as chronic constipation.  My dear, for what you have done for me, YOU ARE A SAINT.  This is working beautifully for me, as I have been moving my bowels regularly every morning with no straining, which is just WONDERFUL.  For most of my life (I am in my 40s), I have suffered with IBS with constipation.  To put it mildly, I've been through hell on earth.  Through an internet search, I found your e-book, and there are no words to express my deepest gratitude other than by simply saying, "Thank you for giving me relief from this nightmare."
   Helen F. / Ocean City, MD

Just wanted to drop a line to say thank you very much for sharing the information from your research and personal experience.  Everything is working just as you said it would.  My girlfriend is now eliminating normally for the first time in her adult life, whereas before she didn't go for days, even a week or more, without great effort and straining.  The simple solution you suggested took care of what enemas, oxygen pills, fiber powders, prunes, fruits, clay powders, oils, exercise, herbal cleansers, and juices could not get rid of.
    David K. / Saddlebrooke, AZ

I have been anxious to get back to you with my results.  I could write a book on the many different ways I have dealt with my constipation over the past 2 years!  My constipation seemed to start about the time I started taking prescription drugs for my panic attacks.  I was getting sick from being so bloated and being what I now know to be toxic.  The doctor had ruled out everything that he could think of through various tests.  I was desperate when I stumbled onto your article online.  It was a Godsend!  And I am now able to have natural BM's on a daily basis!  Hallelujah!  Finding your book online has literally changed my life!  I hope people realize that this is the Real Deal! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

                                              Sheri L. / Robinson, KS

I have had total success with your approach.  The effects have been definite and I'm feeling much better.  My bowel movements are more forthcoming with no stress or strain.  In the past, drinking copious amounts of water were only minimally effective in helping with this.  But now my body seems to be responding "normally" to normal amounts of water.

                                              Charles D. / Norfolk, VA

I got the book for my 41 year old wife who has had severe constipation her entire life.  It was common for her to go 5 days or more without a bowel movement, and she was in significant pain on a regular basis.
She had tried "everything."

We feel like a miracle has been provided.  She is incredibly happy with the simple remedy you advised.  It produced immediate results, perfect in every way. Thank you so much for your guidance.  It has improved our mutual quality of life immeasurably.

                             Albert & Mary C. / Norcross, GA

I am 51 and for the past 30 years, constipation made my life a nightmare.  It was like living in a dark cloud. 
I spent every day worrying if this would be the day I'd be able to have a bowel movement.  I was miserable. 
I could sit on the toilet for hours at a time and still not go.  It consumed my whole life.

I tried every remedy out there.  Some worked for a month or two, but then they'd quit working.  I never ever would have a bowel movement on my own.  I had to take a laxative.  And then I'd have to deal with cramps and stomach bloating all day from taking it.

Marie, you have been a life saver, and I thank you so very much.  I have been following your advice for 6 months and I know I'm cured.  I have a BM every day.

On the evening I searched on the internet and found you, I said it was going to be my last search.  I was truly to the end, with no hope.  The whole time I was reading your site I was telling myself it's too good to be true.  And while ordering, I was telling myself the whole time that I was a idiot for doing it.  Today, I know it was the smartest thing I ever did in my life. 
The dark cloud is gone at last.

                                               Teresa D. / Mountville, PA

Thanks to your book, my bowel problems are now gone.  I only wish I had bought it last year when I first visited your website but passed it by.  I could have saved myself hours of agony and a lot of expense.
It took about 4 days to work as stated in your manual.
I am a believer, and to anyone out there who has a constipation problem, I say, buy the book and you'll be well rewarded.  A very grateful customer.

                                                  Ron T. / Ontario, Canada

Dear Ms. Goodwin

I just wanted to thank you for your discovery.

I am 52 years old and have suffered with constipation, bloating, and discomfort my entire life.  I have tried every laxative that is on the market.  Usually they help relieve the constipation for a couple of months, but not without agonizing cramps and other side effects, such as, running to the bathroom in the most awkward place and time and also nearly passing out from the pain.

Presently, I am taking
[what you advise] and enjoy having bowel movements at least twice a day without any type of discomfort.  It's such a joy never having to wonder ever again "what am I going to do now?"

Myra C. / Plymouth, MA

  Why am I giving you this valuable information at no extra charge?  Because I used to suffer from chronic constipation and I know how terrible it can be, not to mention its correlation with colon cancer. 
I want you to benefit from my lifetime of nutritional research and knowledge.  (My advertising costs, where you found this ad at the top of the search engines, is very expensive.  That's why I can't give you the Leg Cure ebook for free.  But, in the Leg Cure ebook, I'll give you


—a $29.95 savings for priceless information you won't find anywhere else on the internet.)


I'm over 60, but my husband (who co-authored the book with me) and I are presently in study to get our Doctor of Naturopathy degrees (a naturopathic doctor uses natural remedies to treat health problems).  This gives you an idea of my overall philosophy on health.  Yet, the information I offer was not gleaned from these academic studies.  Rather, it's a revolutionary discovery I made on my own after years of scientific scrutiny and intense contemplation.  Such things do happen in the course of human events.  Behind virtually every discovery is a person who pursued it with determination and diligence.

Until this discovery, trying to rid one's self of painful Leg Cramps was elusive.  Like so many others, you may have spent numerous hours and hard-earned money at medical doctors who have not been able to give you a permanent resolution to your problem.

Although doctors can prescribe drugs that can minimally alleviate your symptoms, many people report that after a while the drugs give no relief at all, or the side effects become too bothersome to bear.  Not to mention the cost of these drugs, month after month.   That's why it's so important for you to understand the true cause  of Leg Cramps, so you can correct it
start healing your body

In short, prescription medications don't offer you a permanent solution.  But I do! a drug-free cure that makes complete biological sense and is free of side effects.  That's not only a promise, I guarantee it or your money back.

"Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life."  For your own well-being and future happiness, don't miss this opportunity to conquer your leg pain and cramping problems now, by ordering this life-changing information, thereby making the remainder of your days and nights more calmed and serene, freed from the cursed, nuisance affliction of Leg Cramps and Leg Muscle Soreness forever.

Simply put, read this eBook and you’ll never have to suffer another Leg Cramp or Charlie Horse again.  And Leg Pain will be a thing of the past.




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